How does this work?

For two hours  you'll be assigned a series of covert missions - collecting dossiers from others (given a photo and a meeting point), placing and retrieving hidden objects, or following other teams. You won't know for sure who's playing, unless they make a mistake, and the most important thing you can do is blend in.

How much running is there?

Unlike Citydash, this is a game of pure stealth, thought, and deception. Running will get you spotted instantly. Bring disguises. Think tactically. Find other routes. Keep your eyes open. Above all, blend into the crowd.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a (charged!) smartphone with a data plan. (If you don't have one, drop us an email - we have spares). You'll be receiving instructions, confirming missions and uploading photos. You might find it useful to have a nondescript bag, and perhaps a jacket, hat, or scarf to change your appearance..

Is there an age limit?

Kids are always fine if they're in a team with an adult who's taking responsibility for them! We've had kids as young as 8 play, and 11-13 is quite common.

We don't have a strict age limit for teenagers on their own. The game involves moving around a quarter-mile area solo (or in a pair) and interacting with strangers, and there's no supervision at all, so it's up to the parents/guardians.


Who are you guys?

We're Fire Hazard, one of the UK's leading street games outfits, and we've been running, screaming, evading and escaping since 2008. We've appeared in the Guardian (a couple of times), Time Out, and stacks of other places. You might have played our most popular recent game, Citydash.

Can I stick with my friends? 

If you buy two tickets, you'll work as a pair and stay together throughout. If you have a larger group, we'll split you into pairs (and a group of three if there's an odd number). You'll see each other at the start, the end... and whenever you're assigned to surveil each other.

Is this accessible?

Short version: Yes, but please email us first since we'll need to make some changes.

We normally start in the Royal Trafalgar Hotel, which is accessible. You'll need to move around the Leicester Square area fairly continuously, although not necessarily quickly, for two hours.

Some of the dead-drop pickups might require reaching or crouching (and players set those, so we can't necessarily change them), so it would be useful to have a teammate who can grab those.

Some of the Special missions are normally in non-accessible venues, but if you let us know you're coming, we can move them.

I have other questions!

Drop us a line at fire@fire-hazard.net.