UK Games Expo


  • Sunday 11am
  • Sunday 1pm

45 minutes, all starting at Stall A14 on Warcradle Av / Toby St.

We are here at UK Games Expo this weekend! Come see us at stall A14 on Warcradle Ave and Toby Street to book tickets for our games.

While we are here we are running a special version of Citydash but this time without any dashing! We will be running them regularly throughout the day. Keep checking this page for available games.

As part of Citydash you will work together to uncover secrets, crack cryptic clues, and outwit patrols in this high-energy immersive experience! 

The classic Citydash experience is a high-energy scavenger hunt crossed with hide-and-seek, played in more than a dozen cities around the world. We've been called "a small-scale Amazing Race" (The Advertiser), "like you're living in an N64" (Time Out), and "London's greatest urban adventure" (Curious London).