Our Themes

For private games, we have all of the themes below ready-to-go. We can also build a new one to your requirements!



Before the internet, spies fought silent wars using coded messages, secret handovers and covert operations. Join the secret services to find hidden dead drops, evade enemy agents and prove that you have what it takes to be a spy.



The dead have risen and zombies are lurching around the city causing mayhem. Holed up in a basement, only you can save the last uninfected remains of humankind. Venture out into the undead city, and seek out checkpoints as the living dead seek out fresh brains.



Can you stop the evil Professor Moriarty before he destroys England? Perambulate at speed around the old lanes of London, evade the evil henchmen, search out the clues to find the professor's calling cards and work together with your companions to win the day. Replete with bustles, villains, riddles and cobbled alleys, this promises to be a riotous city dash for those gentle folk familiar with matters of adventure and intrigue.



The postmen, sad and angry at not having received any love letters, have gone postal and hidden all the wedding invitations! The wedding will be ruined if the guests don't receive them... Only you, working with your teammates to solve clues, can retrieve the invitations and save the wedding!


Organising an event? In love with a particular theme that you don't see here? We’d love to talk more about building the perfect game for you. 

In London, drop us a line at fire@fire-hazard.net or call +44 20 3322 7086.

In Adelaide, it's adelaide@fire-hazard.net or +61 484006459.