Test fire

Talk games. Play games. Drink beer.



Test Fire is a monthly get-together for everyone who's interested in playing, making, or learning about high-energy street games!

Test Fire features talks from games people (ten minutes maximum; shouting allowed; audience interaction recommended), a playtest of whatever new exciting thing someone is working on, and a lot of drinking, telling war stories, and hanging out with other players.


The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker
St John St


Normally one Saturday or Sunday a month from 2-5pm.
Currently scheduled dates are:

November 27 --> Buy Tickets

Test Fire by Firecat Masquerade


James Wyatt: 'The audience are your crew - creating way to get players talking'  

Dominic Carroll: '11 Lessons - a year of live games and the lessons we learned along the way.'


Firecat Masquerade's "When The Stars Are Right"

Tickets and capacity

Like Camp Fire, Test Fire is one of our Community events, aiming to run at breakeven. Spaces are limited to 25 to encourage discussion, so jump in early! We're doing £5 tix (£2 concession) to pay for travel for speakers and other bits and pieces. We might put some cash on the bar to encourage people to come early!


We'd love to have you presenting, or playtesting one of your games. Drop Ziz a line at


Past Test Fires

Tom Williams: "Moving from Outdoor to Indoor Games"

Manar Hussain: "Creating Games that Span Both Virtual and Physical Planes"

Minkette: "Creating Stories for Physical Spaces"

Jessica Onono: "Working with Volunteers"

Gwyn Morfey: "Can You Read A Demonic Language While I'm Chasing You?"

Gwyn Morfey: "CONDITION RED: Making games without losing your mind"

Elizabeth Simoens: "Structuring Audience Agency: Do your players actions have power?"

Playtest: IncursionA radical redesign of Citydash.

Workshop: Let's design some terrifying monsters!