You'll be playing in open public spaces, and we will not be supervising you. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you don't put yourself or others at risk of injury or harm.

We suggest keeping your valuables with you, since we're not responsible for anything that gets lost, stolen, or broken.

We sometimes have photographers at our games, both for Fire Hazard publicity and to provide photos to players. We'll put these up on the site and facebook. If you'd rather not, it's no problem - just let us know (email

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with your participation in our games including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or personal injury or death. We hereby exclude all liability arising from your participation in our games.

By playing our games, you're agreeing to these terms.


Every game is different. We've got a few standard formats like Undercover and Citydash, but even those are evolving. When you signup for a game you'll get a briefing by email for that particular game.

We do have some more general rules:

  • Play it the way that's the most fun - for everyone else. You're building an experience as well as enjoying one. If you see an opportunity to make a cool story for someone else, do it!

  • Play for stories, not points. Be big, be loud, be dramatic. Make memorable moments.

  • Play safe. None of our games involve deliberate contact beyond a light touch, if that. But we're often around traffic or in the dark, so take responsibility for your own safety.

  • We start in the pub and we finish in the pub.


Our stage manager stays behind at the start point for each event, so you'll be able to leave bags with them. This is at your risk, so we'd suggest keeping any valuables with you.


We'll do our best to get you into the game. Depending on the event, it might not be possible. 


Like every other ticketed event, we don't offer refunds if you can't make it.

Missing out sucks, though, so we'll help if we can. Let us know well in advance (before the game locks, generally two days before) and we can try to move you to another date, if it's not sold out.

Or feel free to pass your ticket on to someone else, either by editing your team details, or by just forwarding on the briefing email to them.


Tickets for all our games are subject to availability. We keep games to a certain group size to ensure everything is safe (and fun!) for the duration of play time. When we reach capacity we’re sold out! Please drop us an email at if you have any queries.


We're very happy to help. Drop us a line and let us know what you need. In general, Undercover should be fine, Raiders is probably fine, Citydash might be harder (but we'll try to come up with something), Shadow probably won't work.

Some events do have restrictions, so if there's anything that might limit your participation, please do let us know in advance. We'd really hate to have to turn you away at the door, but safety does come first. 


The most important thing is that everyone has fun - players, general public, and even the crew. Look out for people. Be nice. If you see anything that doesn't fit this, call the Stage Manager for your game (their number is on your briefing) and we'll sort it out asap.


Our community welcomes everyone from every background, across gender / age / orientation / disability / appearance / race / religion / anything else. Be excellent to each other. If you have any concerns at all, please contact the stage manager or if you prefer, either of Gwyn Morfey (, 07717606828) or Amy Strike (, 07403664281).


We absolutely will not tolerate physical or verbal assaults on our staff. In the unlikely event that you're unpleasant or unsafe around our players, our crew, or the general public we will remove you from the event and exclude you from all future ones. Management reserves the right of admission to any of our events.


We'll deliver these electronically to the email address you give us. They're valid for one year from issue. You can order game-specific vouchers if you have something in mind, but they'll actually work for any Citydash, Undercover, or Raiders event - don’t worry if you’re desperate to test your spy skills in Undercover, but your friend thought you’d want to get running for Citydash.  To redeem one, just enter the code on the voucher and in the email at check out when purchasing the ticket(s). Gift certificates aren't refundable or exchangeable for cash.


Sometimes we may issue discount codes for some of our events. These are at our discretion and might stop working at any time.