The Team



Amy Strike

Managing Director

Designer + stage manager + Literature at Sussex University

"Hats on, goggles down and let's go."

Likes: Running and pouncing. Oh, and cake.

Inspirations: Merrylin Cryptid, House of Leaves

Secretly A: Velociraptor.

As a Game Character: Nuna from Never Alone



Elizabeth Simoens

Project Manager/Live Game Designer

Choreographer + Performance Theory at Trinity Laban.

"Sure. Why not. Let's do it."

Likes: Quietly scheming.

Inspirations: Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Secretly An: evil mastermind.

As a Game Character:
Zelda's Navi.



Marshall Cowan

Director, Australia

Biotech + comp sci at Flinders. Actor, improviser, role-player and Joker.

"WHO?!? Me??"

Likes: Being the centre of attention

Inspirations: Jejune Institute

Secretly An: agent of The Matrix

As a Game Character:
Leisure Suit Larry



Tony Porteous

Project Manager/Technical Designer

Programmer, Engineer and Designer. Spent too long in the video games industry.

"Wait. You're actually going to let me do that?"

Likes: Spreadsheets. Pirates.

Inspirations: Raph Koster, Joel Spolsky, Day9

Secretly A: mysterious giant snake

As a Game Character:

Team Fortress 2's Engineer


Gwyn Morfey


Law + commerce + comp sci at Flinders. Built two small companies and one medium-sized one.  Making games since 2008.

"I'm not even winded."

Likes: Running and screaming.

Inspirations: The Game

Secretly A: Robot from the future.

As a Game Character:
Team Fortress 2's Scout.


Scribbles and Scrambles

Company Mascots

Foraging. Looking adorable. Causing mayhem. Code assistance through cuddles. Wire testing.


Likes: Hammocks.

Inspirations: The Grim Squeaker

Secretly A: Pair of adorable rodents.

As a Game Character:
Assassin's Creed's Jacob and Evie