Stage Manager / Game designer - Full Time

Design and manage street games! We need someone with strong organisational skills, who loves running games and being right at the centre of things.

You can read more about our games at, and

Your role

You'll be working alongside our existing stage manager to:

  • Manage advance-prep for each of our 3-6 games per week. This means things like confirming the crew roster, booking venues, loading checkpoints into the system, checking details with clients, making sure all the equipment is present/charged/packed, and responding to queries from players.

  • For each game, show up and help to run it. You're the final authority on game day, so you'll be giving the safety brief, handing out gear, and dealing with everything from "my phone is flat" to "I can't find the checkpoint" to "it's pouring with rain". During the game, you'll stay at the start location watching the crew comms. (Generally speaking the MC will deal with the players, rather than you, but you might also have players who need help).

  • Afterwards, you'll debrief the crew, pack away the gear, pay everyone, send out photos, re-order anything we need more of, and get ready for the next one.

  • Between games, you'll work with the founder and the head of production to research, design, test, and build new games, and to improve our existing ones.

  • We expect that roughly half your time you'll be out at game sites, and the rest will be emails / spreadsheets / etc (probably a mix of 'at our office in office hours' and 'at home whenever you want').

Your team

  • Fire Hazard is here to make life exciting for everyone, and we've been running immersive games since 2008. We've been featured in the Guardian ("Citydash brings live games to the mainstream"), Time Out, and stacks of other places.

  • We care about energy, community, and fun - read more at

  • You'll be joining a core team of five (Gwyn, Amy, Ziz, Dave and Michelle), supported by a roster of on-the-day game crew.

Who we're looking for

Ideally you'll have a degree in a related field, and/or at least a year's experience in designing or crewing immersive experiences. 

We're looking for someone who:

  • Shares our values

  • Genuinely enjoys making and playing games

The skills we're looking for are:

  • Fast learner: There's a lot to learn, not much time to get up to speed, and games change constantly. You'll need to be proactive in figuring out what you need to know, how to find out, and how to retain it.

  • Organised: There are dozens of things going on at once and the stage manager can't afford to miss anything.

  • Decisive: You'll need to solve any in-game problems quickly, often under pressure.

  • Tech-savvy: There's nothing too advanced, but you'll need to be comfortable with common tools and applications.

  • Friendly: On game days, the Stage Manager is god. It's really important that we maintain good relationships with our players, venues, suppliers, and crew.


Obviously,  we welcome everyone from every background, across gender / age / orientation / disability / appearance / race / religion / anything else. 


  • Getting this right is important; we'd like someone to start ASAP, but we can wait for the right candidate.

  • This will be a two-week paid contract initially, with a permanent offer to follow after that if we're both happy that it's a good fit. (If you have an existing position that makes this hard, we'll think of something)

  • We're looking for someone for the long haul.

  • The Stage Manager position pays at the London Living Wage (£9.40/hr x 35hr/week)

  • Manage your own schedule (but cover half of our games). This will mean lots of weekend work, although not for full days, and occasional early evenings (~7-10pm). Most likely your "weekend" would be Mon/Tues or Tues/Wed, but this would be up to you.

  • Work from our office, at game sites around London, and from home (if you want).

  • Our office is a couple of minutes walk from Bermondsey tube. Games are mostly Zone 1, with occasional forays into Zone 2, but not generally further.

Yeah, let's do it!

Just drop us a line at and tell us about an immersive game  / theatre / etc experience you've enjoyed!