Shadow Over Southwark

"you're the star of your own horror movie"

- The Metro

"it was seriously cool"

- Ars Technica

"an adrenaline rush like no other"

 - The Memo

"Our screams of terror often ended up turning into shrieks of laughter"

- On In London

Hecaton the Hundred-Handed One even now hurtles towards our world. With the boundaries broken and Shadows already breaking through, we have just 75 minutes to locate and disable the Summoning Signs.

The Lumos Society requires the assistance of the sharp of mind, the fleet of foot, and/or the brave of heart. Can your team crack the demonic code, evade the Shadows, and save our city?

The Approaching Shadows

The Shadows come in many forms, and speed will not be enough to escape them. You must identify each threat and take the best course: Run? Hide? Freeze? 

It will be up to your team to chart your own course, reach as many of the Signs as possible, and avoid life-draining encounters with the Shadows.


You Are Cordially Invited..

We will rendezvous at the Lumos Society's Members Lounge, not far from the station now known as Canada Water, from 6:30pm for a 7 o'clock start. Cocktails will be available from the bar.

Appropriate dress is encouraged, but not mandatory. Think 'vintage adventurer', perhaps with a dash of Steampunk.

Shortly after 7, the Members will proceed into thewoodlands to begin the Expedition. You will have 75 minutes to reach and disable as many of the signs as you are able, before returning for debriefing, awards and (assuming we are successful), celebratory drinks. 

Dates and Tickets

Shadow Over Southwark runs through October and November on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, at 7 O'clock. Tickets are £20-25.

Large groups will need to split into teams of up to six; pairs or small groups may adventure independently should they prefer.

Our Renown

The adventures of the Society in various forms are well-known and well-loved - you may care to examine our records on Facebook, Tripadvisor, or the Guardian..

Frequently Received Correspondence

Is this actually terrifying?

While the night may be dark, our Members will travel in teams of up to six, and the Society's own Stewards will be nearby at all times. The Shadows drain your life force (and score) merely by approaching you; they do not need to, and will not, make physical contact. We expect many more hilarious, exciting escapes and escapades than moments of true terror.  

Is this only for runners?

While those capable of a good turn of speed may well find occasion to use it, Shadow Over Southwark is less taxing physically than our previous adventures. The area of exploration is less than a quarter-mile in size, and the majority of our adversaries require outwitting rather than outrunning.

I'm a veteran of Shadow Over Shoreditch!

Firstly, let me say 'very well done indeed, madam or sir'. Your skills will be useful indeed, but you will face many new challenges. In particular, the Shadows are more complex and more challenging adversaries, and the presence of the Codex adds a new dimension - oh dear - to the dealings.

Any Other Business


Cast bios are here!


We are happy to arrange complimentary tickets, high-resolution imagery, and anything else which may be useful to members of the press and theatre/gaming communities - please do drop us a line. A press release is available here


No under 16s for this one, we're afraid. Our other games are all suited to the smaller ones!


Unfortunately, Shadow Over Southwark is one of our less accessible games, due to the terrain in the Woodlands. Raiders of the Lost Archives or Undercover London are much better at this. Having said that, we'll do what we can; drop us a line with your requirements.