The Plan

The postmen have cracked! All the cards, wedding invites and gifts are scattered around the city! You'll receive a briefing from the vicar, and access to a set of ever-changing clues. Find the letters around the city in any order and enter their names into your phone to update the live scoreboard and put things back to rights. Keep an eye out for the bride, who is also roaming the area - she might be able to help you.

But at the same time, watch out for the postmen, who are determined to keep the love letters hidden around the city. They don't need to catch you - they only need to see you, so you'd better hope that someone on your team is keeping a lookout!

After an hour we all head back to the pub to swap stories, award prizes, and with any luck, save the wedding!

14-28 May, Greenwich, 2pm

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