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 M .A .R .S .



Duration 60 mins

The M.A.R.S. Enterprise seeks to colonise the red planet, but we can’t do it without your help! We have been requested to form a Think Tank with Australia’s best and brightest minds before the mission goes ahead. So we’re doing what any multinational conglomerate would do - we’re calling on kids....

These April school holidays, children aged 10-15 are invited to participate in a 60 minute immersive game in the Centre of Democracy, which will ask them to consider what makes a society work. They will need to make tough decisions, work as a team and apply their ideas towards this exciting new project to conquer the final frontier: Colonising Space.

Places are limited - don’t forget to book!

The Story So Far ...

Each generation pushes the boundaries of those who came before, seeking out greater, more exciting and sometimes, more dangerous innovations. 

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Finally, humankind's attempts of expansion and exploration have reached the Red Planet. Leviathan Galactic Inc. is striving to be among the first to colonise Mars, but each leap forward draws attention to the widening gaps in our spacefaring knowledge. Science Fiction is one thing, but how will we actually fare as a new colony on a hostile planet? In order to push the boundaries, Leviathan Galactic Inc. has developed its colonisation mission, Mankind's Alternative Repopulation Syndicate (M.A.R.S.) Enterprise, and seeks to tap into the minds of those who are discerning enough to tackle these predicaments.  

The M.A.R.S. Enterprise pits small groups of collaborators against the challenges confronting the advance Mars exploration team. The pioneer  team is busy preparing for colonisation, but with dilemmas, disasters and deceit on the new horizon, can your team think quickly and work together to solve puzzles, use diplomacy and represent the best interests of humankind?   


A natural curiosity towards space exploration (no previous astronaut training required)

An enthusiasm for challenges, puzzles, code cracking and thinking outside the box.

An aptitude for diplomacy and social deduction: the future belongs to those who create it!