Marketing Coordinator 

We make life exciting, by building high-energy immersive games like Shadow Over Southwark,  Citydash and Undercover

Since 2008 our following has been increasing by word-of-mouth, and now we're increasingly getting media attention. With essentially zero marketing to date, we're selling enough tickets to run three to four games a week. We'd like to double that over the next year. That's where you come in. 

Your role

Get some attention! Everyone who plays our games loves them - but we're a new type of experience, and relatively few people know we exist. 

You'll work with the part-time marketing manager, and the founder,  to get us noticed and ultimately to sell tickets. That will mean:

  • Writing press releases, and working with media to get coverage

  • Building relationships with resellers, the gaming community, and the media

  • Creating a steady stream of content for our social media accounts and mailing list

  • Preparing fliers, posters, press images, and other marketing collateral

  • Coming up with new, creative ways of getting us noticed

  • Planning and executing all our branding and marketing campaigns (with strategy help from the marketing manager)

  • Optimising our online ads and web presence (with analytics help from the founder)

Your team

  • We're a fast-moving, high-energy, creative bunch of people.

  • We care about energy, community, and fun - read more at

  • You'll be joining a core team of five (Gwyn, Amy, Ziz, Dave and Michelle). We also have a roster of on-the-day game crew.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for someone who:

  • Enjoys immersive theatre / events / games

  • Shares our values:

    • Energy: Move fast! Be dramatic and exciting!

    • Community: Be honest and open. Build relationships. Do the right thing.

    • Fun: Have fun. Make fun.

  • Wants to be a part of a small, close-knit startup team

The skills we're looking for are:

  • Fast, self-directed learning: This is a brand-new field and we're at the cutting edge. You'll need to be proactive in figuring out what you need to know, how to find out, and how to retain it.

  • Networking: Do you know how to get journalists' attention without annoying them? Do you love building communities? Are you comfortable representing us at conferences, get-togethers and games?

  • Copywriting: Can you interview one of us to get the information you need, and then write a compelling press release? Can you repurpose that material into a teaser for fliers, facebook ads, and the mailing list?

  • Design: Do you know enough photoshop / illustrator / indesign to assemble the brochures / promo images / handouts you need?

It's a bonus if you also have some or all of:

  • Up to date: Do you know what's going on in the world, and the world of games and immersive theatre specifically? Can you identify current trends we should be part of, and find angles we should be using?

  • Initiative: We're not going to tell you what to do; we're going to ask you what you need, what you did, and whether it worked. 

  • Data driven: Do you know what an A/B test is and how to use it? Do you instinctively seek proof rather than hunches? Are you comfortable with spreadsheets?

  • Technical: Do you get up to speed with new applications (or web apps) quickly? Do you understand the difference between utm_source and utm_campaign? Do you know your JPG from your TIFF?


Obviously,  we welcome everyone from every background, across gender / age / orientation / disability / appearance / race / religion / anything else. 


  • We're looking to make a decision in the next few weeks and have someone start ASAP.

  • This will be a two-week paid contract initially, with a permanent offer to follow after that if we're both happy that it's a good fit. (If you have an existing position and this would be difficult for you, we'll work something out)

  • We're looking for someone to be part of the team long-term.

  • Pays initially at the London Living Wage (£9.40/hr x 35hr/week)

  • Flexible schedule and location. We'd like you to work with us from our office (a couple of minutes from Bermondsey tube) for at least half your time, but you'll be able to work from home and vary your schedule.

Yeah, let's do it!

Just drop Gwyn a line at and tell us about an immersive game  / theatre / etc experience you've enjoyed!