Need a gift for a special someone? Check out our  gift certificates !

Need a gift for a special someone? Check out our gift certificates!

Bring everyone out to play!

Have you got a big celebration coming up? Maybe you're planning a birthday party, or a hen/stag do. Maybe you're just really popular. Whatever the reason, if you've got a big group and you want to get out and have fun together, then you have come to the right website!

Each of our public games has capacity for at least 50 players, and a pub or hotel bar as our HQ. Choose us if you want to get a big bunch of friends socialising for an afternoon: our immersive game play will guarantee you some memorable moments!


If you book 10+ tickets all at once, use the code GROUP to get 10% off. Need to add more friends to your team? When you book, you'll be given a party key to share with friends who want to join you but are booking later.

We hold large public games at weekends throughout the year, with most dates listed at least three months in advance: great for forward planning!

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Which Game?

So you know you want to play something with your friends, but you are not sure which Fire Hazard game will work best for you. Here's our advice:



If you have a large group with bags of energy, then this one is for you. Sneak through the streets solving cryptic clues while avoiding the Citydash guards (who will chase you: you have been warned!) Suitable for teams of up to 6 players - and with the option to enter Challenge Division if you're bringing super-fast runners - it's a great option if you fancy a bit of friendly competition. 

Raiders of the Lost Archive

Are you and your friends the kind of people who imagine yourselves as a team of investigators? Do you love museums, puzzles, and afternoon adventures? Then Raiders of the Lost Archive is the game for you! For 90 minutes, you'll use your map and your smartphone to locate exhibits and solve cryptic clues around a museum. Recommended for teams of up to 5, this is a  for groups who love clue solving, but don't want to rush about. 



Do you have a group of friends who are meeting for the first time? Or do you have sneaky pals who are experts at disguise and thirsting for competition? Then Undercover could be an interesting experience. You play in teams of no more than 3 (you can also play solo), and, if you play it well, you won't meet each other until the endgame, as you'll be hiding in plain site for 2 hours of espionage challenges. You'll carry out surveillance missions on each other, intercept (and maybe disrupt) dossier drops, and do everything you can to remain undetected...

Public or Private?

If you're booking a group, we'll always recommend booking on to a public game as your first choice. More players = more fun, in our experience.

However: maybe we don't have a game scheduled for the day you want, or maybe you want an exclusive game just for people you know. If that's the case, contact us at, we'll check our diaries and give you a quote. Note: we don't usually consider private bookings for fewer than 20 players.


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