Enter The Oubliette - a fabulous escape room game in Brixton!

You walk through an ordinary looking door. You’ve walked out of everyday life and into a completely different universe – every sight, sound, smell and touch tells you you are now in a new time and place. The door slams behind you and you hear the lock ‘clunk!’ as you’re sealed in.

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Agent November - escape-room games, played outdoors!

AGENT NOVEMBER needs your help! Will you defeat an evil genius by defusing his nuclear device? Or track down an international gang of criminals? Or solve a murder mystery? Or maybe all three! You can attempt our missions in any order.

Ludocity - the Wikipedia of pervasive games. Here from the very beginning.

Ludocity is a collection of pervasive games, street games and new sports - social forms of play that take place in public spaces, such as city streets, parks and public buildings.