Evasion > FAQ

How does this work?

You'll be given a rendezvous to arrange initial set up. At least one member of your team will need a smart phone with a data plan to access your dedicated game page. When the clock starts, cryptic messages will be sent to you at intervals - crack them, get to the location, and enter the hidden code you find. You'll be summoned to Special Operations, all different, by phone, and given instructions. Stay out of sight; enemy agents (and rival teams!) are patrolling, and if they get close enough, you'll be penalised.

At the end of the mission, we all head back to HQ to debrief, swap stories, and award prizes.

How much running is there?

You don't have to run - but you probably will. Tactical thinking, clue-cracking, keeping a lookout and staying hidden are as important as speed, but if you've made a mistake and an enemy agent is on to you, you'll want to get out of there!

You'll want to be comfortable with at least walking fast for a couple of hours. 

What do I need to bring?

Bring a (charged!) smartphone with a data plan. (If you don't have one, drop us an email - we have spares). Wear clothes and shoes that you can move fast in. Dress for the weather.

Are kids allowed?

Sure, as long as they're in a team with an adult who's taking responsibility for them! We play in public spaces that aren't entirely traffic-free, and we don't supervise them at all, so do use your judgment.


How does it compare to your other games?

Evasion incorporates familiar elements from Undercover and Citydash, but with some special added secret twists and encounters. It has relatively complex clues, and includes rendezvous with agents (like Undercover), and all-new Special Missions. You'll be criss-crossing a small area and keeping your eyes open. It's less strenuous than Citydash - enemy agents will try to outwit you or ambush you rather than simply running you down.

Who are you guys?

We're Fire Hazard, one of the UK's leading street games outfits, and we've been running, screaming, evading and escaping since 2008. We've appeared in the Guardian (a couple of times), Time Out, and stacks of other places. You might have played our most popular recent game, Citydash.

Can I stick with my friends? 

You can set up your team once you have tickets - even if you buy them separately you'll be able to join up.  For the best experience, we recommend Evasion for teams of 3 or 4. 

I have other questions!

Happy to help! Drop us a line at fire@fire-hazard.net.