Custom Games - Detail


We have existing game areas near:

  • Tower Hill

  • Bank

  • Soho

  • Clapham

  • St Paul's

  • Chancery Lane

  • King's Cross

  • Shoreditch

  • Hoxton

  • Southbank

  • Canada Water

  • Greenwich

  • Hammersmith

  • Mayfair

We can also design a new game zone for you. We need a square about a quarter-mile on a side, with limited sightlines (twisty laneways are ideal!) and interesting things to find. Most parts of London work well; just let us know the postcode of your HQ or preferred venue.

If you'd rather be inside, we also have a game that runs entirely inside the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington - this is available during normal museum opening hours. 


The date and time are up to you. With two weeks' notice we can hit most times.

You can choose from 60 or 90 minutes of game time (plus around 15 minutes either side for briefing and debriefing).

We can also run custom longer events, including multi-day challenges.

How many players?

Our normal events can handle 20 - 100 players. We can run larger ones with some more advance planning; our largest ever (for Girlguiding Midlands, in Paris!) had over 500.

How does it look?

We run most of our team-building games unthemed - there's no story, just a challenge! 

We also offer Evasion, our premium spy-themed version - players are undercover agents in training completing their final Field Skills assessment. 

How much?

20 - 100 players, anywhere, 60 or 90 minutes
The original Citydash game!
£25 pp
Raiders of the Lost Archive
20 - 100 players, the Victoria & Albert Museum
A more cryptic challenge entirely at walking pace, without pursuit.
£25 pp
Evasion - Spy Themed
20 - 100 players, two hours, around Covent Garden
Our premium spy-themed Citydash game adds additional crew members for players to rendezvous with as they carry out a series of undercover missions.
£45 pp

Optional extras for Citydash:

Custom game area
We'll design a new game area in your preferred location. You can have some input into the clues if you like, to tie them into your company or event.
Custom script and theme
We'll work with you to change the briefing text and the MC's script, and tweak the guard costumes. If you'd like to make larger changes - eg building new costumes or the checkpoint design, chat to us for a detailed quote.
Custom branding
We'll add your logo and colours to the IDs worn by all players, and restyle the in-game app to match your brand.
Venue booking
We're happy to work with your existing venue or start at your HQ, but if you prefer, we can find and book one to your requirements. Most pubs have a small minimum-spend but no hire fee.
£100 + venue charges (often zero)
Travel outside London
We can bring a team of six to your location. Costs vary by distance. For example, Brighton would add £240 (£40 for each crew member).


All our team-building events include:

  • Photography: We'll have a photographer present throughout the game, and we'll supply all the digital files to you afterwards.

  • Prizes: We'll bring a trophy for the winning team. We're happy to hand out prizes that you supply as well.

  • Free tickets: We're happy for the organisers to come and play any of our public games in advance to see how this all works!


We'll invoice a 25% deposit to secure the date, with the balance due after the event. Our prices are ex-vat.