Need an energising activity for your corporate away day? Looking for inspiration for a team building exercise or end of year function? Want to celebrate an achievement with some fun and games?

We make unusual, unforgettable experiences, bringing excitement, energy and teamwork and (friendly!) competition to your team.

We can handle large groups simultaneously, and run our games from anywhere to fit your schedule.



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The Fire Hazard Citydash was really well organised and executed. Everyone who took part loved it and it definitely brought out our competitive sides! Such a great idea that I would recommend to anyone looking for an exciting team event.
— Alex Hope, Deloitte
Everyone really enjoyed the game and thought it was very well thought out and organised, so a massive thumbs up from us. I thought you guys were very helpful from start to finish. It was great that you tailored the game to make sure everyone from the office could take part in some form, we didn’t get a bad review form a single person in the office.
— Steven Green, Football Foundation
Citydash is the best team building exercise, it’s fun, fast and challenging! It is harder than you think running around London, on the lookout for people chasing you, trying to work out where you are and solve clues at the same time. You get to really work as a team, perfect end to our training day and embodies our Run Happy culture.
— Katrien Schepens, Brooks