If you need this removed ASAP, please call Michelle on 07754 216744 or the office on 020 3322 7086.

If you found this at UK Games Expo, please come see us at stall A14 on Warcradle Ave and Toby Street!

Hello! You've found one of our Citydash checkpoints. These are temporary locations used as part of a scavenger hunt that's running right now. Games last from 60-120 minutes, and one of our team will be back to remove the disc at the end of the game.

It's really important to us that our games are fun for everyone - players, crew, and the general public. Our interactions with the public are overwhelmingly positive (and we encourage them to get involved!), but if you're seeing anything that doesn't meet that standard, please do call us ASAP. We can instantly take this location out of the game, instructing players to stay away, if needed.

The coin you found should have been temporarily attached without damage (most likely tied or bluetacked) in a public area. Again, please get in touch asap if not. 

You can also speak to any of our team, who should be within a few minutes' walk of here, wearing orange tshirts.

In the meantime, please leave the coin here! It's totally fine to give hints (or misdirections) to players, and if you'd like to get involved next time, there's a list of our games here (use code IFOUNDACOIN  :) )


- Gwyn