Citydash is a fast game of speed, stealth, and strategy - a high-energy treasure hunt. Up to 100 players dash between checkpoints inside a small area of the city, trying to increase their score while keeping out of sight of patrolling guards. there is information about the guard role, and the MC (Master of Ceremonies) role below.

Job: Citydash Guard

We have public games at weekends, and private games during the week


  • Creating a character and style as a guard: chasing in a particular way (for example creeping up on players using knowledge of the streets, or chasing fast but over short distances).


  • Patrolling an area of streets, keeping an eye out for players and texting in their ID numbers if you see them.

  • Making it fun for players by creating close calls, outwitting them and occasionally letting them outwit you.

  • Setting checkpoints in your zone, and retrieving those checkpoints at the end of the game.

  • Talking to members of the public if necessary to let them know what we’re doing

  • Assisting the stage manager as necessary

  • Using a good knowledge of the game to answer player queries

Person Spec


  • Good organisation and time keeping

  • An interest in working on live events

  • A creative, fun and playful personality

  • genuinely enjoy chasing people around and making 'movie moments' for them.


  • Available during the week

  • A reasonable level of physical fitness

  • A background in games/immersive or improvised theatre

  • Some experience in acting/improvisation

  • First Aid training

How it works

  • £10 per hour

  • This is a casual role

  • Approx 3 hours each time

  • Private games on weekdays, public games on weekends

You can pick whichever games you like - but be aware that we can't guarantee any particular amount of work, since it depends on the number of games we end up running and how many people want to crew them!

What happens next

Express your interest in applying in an email to Amy Strike at She’ll organise for you to come in and read the part in an audition.