Camp fire

18-20 August 2017, London




Now in its sixth year, Camp Fire is a whole weekend of Fire Hazard's adrenaline-soaked street games. In the daytime we'll be playing alternative editions of classic sports, alongside some quieter boardgames. At night we'll arm up with as many nerf guns as we can carry, and head out to the woods to play Outbreak, Alien, Ghost, and Night Watch. Zombie attacks very likely.  

Let's Do This!

18 - 20 August, London, £40

Camp Fire is based at a campsite near Ruislip, so it's actually possible to get the tube there! We'll be sleeping in tents, although there are also B&Bs nearby that you can book yourself, if that's your thing. We'll be cooking over an open fire during the event, with a range of food for vegetarians and meat eaters. We have access to a barn, plus a shower block and maintenance shed with a fridge. Come on down on Friday evening, or Saturday morning. We'll wrap up on Sunday afternoon.

As with previous Camp Fires, numbers are capped at 40, and we're running as a games community event (everyone pitches in; cheap tix and we try not to actually lose money).