A real-world game of looking out and blending in.


Read in Romanian

Could you make it as a spy?


Duration 120 mins
Replayable? Yes (new missions)
Accessible? Yes, but see FAQ

Immerse yourself in the shady world of espionage. Stealth is the name of the game here, as you’ll be competing against other newly minted covert agents - but you won’t know who your rivals are. You’ll need to hide in plain sight, so bringing a disguise is highly recommended - sunglasses, a moustache, an entire new outfit!

Drop documents, sneak through the streets and keep your eye on enemy agents - can you complete your top secret mission and make it back to base on time? 

Field Intel

"A truly thrilling and immersive experience. It’s the closest you’ll get to being a spy without accidentally starting a nuclear war with Russia."

- The Metro

"the highs of Undercover are glorious"

- The Guardian


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"a fast-paced, fun-filled adventure"

- InDaily

"Throw caution to the wind, buy tickets and go along with a sense of adventure"

- Play And Go

"Highly recommended for anybody"
- BuzzCuts
"an awesome interactive experience for anybody who’s ever wanted to get their spy on"

 - TalkFringe

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Can you make it as a covert operative?

Misiune Acceptata

Organizam evenimente in Bucuresti, Londra si Adelaide. Poti veni singur sau in echipe de maxim 3 persoane. 

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Background Briefing

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