Proud Supporters of Headway

It's great when you can use fun and games to benefit a good cause, especially at Christmas. In December 2016, we ran an extended seasonal version of Citydash around Bankside. Players followed cryptic clues to round up stolen gift tags while being chased by angry Santas. Clue hunters could be seen running scared from jingling bells around the Southbank, and occasionally feeding carrots to Rudolf outside the Tate Modern. It was a lot of fun, and we were proud to use its success to help a cause we think is important: we donated a percentage of the profits to Headway, a charity that works to improve life after brain injury.

Headway's work is very close to our hearts, as our founder, Gwyn Morfey, explains:

‘Our friend and colleague suffered a severe cardiac event in October 2015 which left him with life-changing brain injuries. Doug's been with us since almost the very beginning, the easy-going kiwi with the impressive beard, dry humour, and reputation for outwitting and manoeuvring players in elaborate cat-and-mouse games.

Brain injury is something that none of us had thought about at all. We didn't really have a concept of it. It's been savagely hard on Doug's family, his friends, and Doug himself.

Headway is the charity that supports brain injury survivors and their loved ones - supporting them through the Christmas games is our way of saying "Hey, mate. We haven't forgotten you. We miss you and we hope you're doing okay.”’

If you would like to find out more about the work of Headway, or you would like to donate, then visit their excellent website.

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