Ready, Player One (or Two, or Three...)?

The question we probably get asked the most at Fire Hazard HQ is: how many people can I have in a team? Luckily, whether you’ve got 20 friends who want to do something new and fun this Saturday, or you’re hoping to go solo, there’s a Fire Hazard game that suits. We think gaming is for everyone, and that’s been at the core of the design process for each of our games. 

Best for… Solo agents or dastardly duos

Undercover, our immersive spy experience, is the best game for solo players or teams of two. Unlike our other games, to excel at Undercover you’ll have to be really subtle and blend in, and if there are 7 of you in a team, you’re going to stand out for miles around. Try Undercover if you’re looking for a really different date idea, or book a ticket just for you if you’d like to dip your toes into the world of immersive gaming without a crew. 

Best for… the Famous Five (or Four)

For smaller, perfectly formed groups, Raiders of the Lost Archive is the best fit of all our games. Raiders combines the smarts of Undercover with the adventure of Citydash, but you’ll be hunting for clues through the V&A, so a slightly smaller group means you won’t get lost, or left behind, and there’ll be no need to run or yell across the museum - behaviour that is completely off limits!


To be honest, Citydash is good for any size of group - we often get solo players rocking up, who join forces to become the ultimate Citydashing team, like in the Power Rangers when they all morph into a big dinosaur robot. However, you need lots of people on your side if you’re going to win Citydash - you need someone on look-out, someone with a map, a few of you gripping phones and cracking clues, and all of you working together. And we’re quite flexible with Citydash, so if there’s a bunch of you, you can compete against each other in teams for the ultimate showdown

To let you into a little secret, if you’ve got a big group, we can also organise a bespoke game for you based on our current games, or inspired by TV and film - Sherlock, unsurprisingly, has been popular recently. It’s a bit different than the usual office party! Just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll see what we can build for you.

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