Midnight Recce

Heatwave? Can't sleep? Haven't managed to go for a run today? Good time for a zone recce!

We haven't even built the zone for Shadow Over Southwark yet and I'm pretty sure it's going to be our best ever. Unlike last year's event, this one takes place entirely in the woods. 

It'll also be the first Citydash game where we're requiring players to bring torches. (Well, lanterns, oddly-glowing orbs, and night-vision gear also accepted). Most of the zone is covered by street lighting to some extent - but think dim yellow glows with long, oddly-shaped shadows, not fluroescent-day-bright. 

And note that I say "most". You could play Shadow and stay entirely in the lit area, and there'd be plenty to do. But if you want to win it, or you're up for a more intense experience, there are a few pitch-black trails. In a few days, Amy will write about what might be waiting for you there..


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