Introducing: Elizabeth

Photo by Beth Dooner

Photo by Beth Dooner

Hi! I'm Elizabeth (aka Ziz) and I am one of the new hires on the Fire Hazard team. I have been here for about a month and I felt it was time I introduce myself and talk about what I have been doing for Fire Hazard. 

I am a Masters of Fine Arts student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. My focus is on live games and audience agency. My favorite book at the moment is Gareth White's "Audience Participation in Theatre: Aesthetics of the Invitation." My dissertation is well on the way and I am happy to have found work in my field of study.

At Fire Hazard I have had two main tasks so far: Restarting Test Fire and Updating Raiders.

Test Fire Reboot

Test Fire happened for the first time in a year on Sunday and a great time was had by all! The afternoon started with everyone grabbing drinks and a few plays of "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes."

After which we had a couple talks with discussions by Gwyn and myself. Gwyn discussed how not to go insane while running a small games company. I talked about my dissertation work and we collectively pondered whether or not we have free will. Another topic was whether players need to be able to "die" or "lose" for a game to be a game. It got quite philosophical by the end.

There was a quick playtest of a new Citydash game. Gwyn is actively looking for ways to adjust Citydash to make it a slower, sneaky game with almost dumb movie or video games guards. I got to play one of the guards and was surprised at how easy it was to get into a patrolling gait and follow a strict path for about thirty minutes.

We ran out of time at the venue but people followed us to a nearby pub to talk about monsters for Shadow Over Southwark. I am already scared. 

One change for next time is that we all go bouldering afterwards!

I am looking forward to continuing heading up this project. If you have any thoughts about whether it is necessary for players to die, or maybe what is the scariest monster, or what games we should play next time, drop me an email! It will be great to keep the conversation going.

Upgrading Raiders

The other project has been doing a full upgrade to Raiders of the Lost Archive. A new plot treatment with exciting new puzzles and encounters. I can't talk too much about it right now as it is still in progress, but it is very exciting! 

I have been spending a lot of time with my new friend, the Kodak Carousel Slide Projector. I have also just submitted an order for 35mm slides. 

What I can share with you is that I am having a great time as Miss Rackharrow, the stern but intelligent secretary of The Wingback Society.

Well this is Ziz, signing off for now. Please do tell me of your existential agency crises or philosophical thoughts on death in games or favorite kinds of archaeological puzzles! As always my email is


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