Playing In London

The most important thing for us is that everyone is having fun - players, crew, passers-by, onlookers, and the general public. It's why we do this.

We've run Citydash several hundred times in a dozen different cities now, and had a huge amount of positive feedback from the public, as well as players. It's great to see people getting involved, pointing out players to the crew (or the other way around), shouting out hints, distracting the patrols or even helping with the search.

We encourage all our players and crew to be sensitive to what's happening around them. All of our crew have the tools and responsibility to take any area out of the game for any reason, including "I don't think this is fun for everybody".

We're always on the lookout for interesting, beautiful, and overlooked spaces to bring this kind of energy to. We do very occasionally get this wrong - some of the Hammersmith checkpoints were on streets and gardens that form part of a large, open, but nevertheless private, estate. For that game they weren't immediately deactivated on the day either by the crew member in that zone, or by the stage manager. I don't yet know why. 

As far as we know nobody was negatively affected - it was a bright, sunny Saturday and our players are a fun, easygoing bunch - but I really would like to hear if anyone was! I'm sorry about this, and we'll sort it out.

We completely redesigned the Hammersmith zone for the following week's game, as well as updating our internal zone-setup guidelines to watch out for this kind of thing. I sent the new map over to the council, the residents' assoc and the local police, to make doubly sure.

Also: Yup, the hivis is easy for people to spot, but it isn't the greatest idea. We've ditched it. (The 'security' caps were gone already). It's bright-orange "game" tshirts now!

Meanwhile, I'm chatting to the local residents' association about running a (free, obviously) private event for them. We'll do our best to make things right. 

(And I've updated the site to make our concession tix more obvious. It's important that this is for everyone).

As always, please do get in touch with comments/concerns/ideas! We really care about getting this right - it's important that everything we do is fun for everyone.

- Gwyn (founder, occasional player-chaser and zone-designer) 

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