The Best Kept Secret

A while back we launched our Concession tickets on the site so stealthily that it seems like not even all our crew know about them!

Anyway: if you're a student / artist / on a low income / under 16 / in a big group or anything else (yup, we have an "other" category) and need concession pricing, you can get into our earlybird games for a £15.

We also have community events like Camp Fire and Test Fire that run at cost, and occasional charity games.

We're also doing £5 tix for local residents as well (credit to Secret Cinema for the awesome idea).

Building a fun, positive and sustainable community for immersive games is what we care about, and we want everyone to be included. I'd love to hear comments, thoughts and ideas! 

Update: Local Residents tix are live!

- Gwyn (founder, ticket-system-designer and occasional crew-non-informer)

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