New concessions klaxon!

We’re pleased to announce our new concession options are live and we now have a wider selection of categories to offer:

Students – if you have a NUS or ISIC card, or you are a sixth former, this one’s for you.

16 or under – you get a concession rate…but please note that anyone 16 or under must be in a team with a responsible adult at all times (who, let’s be honest, is probably the one paying here so must be obeyed!)

Emergency services – for the amazing people who work in the NHS, the fire service, the police service, or the coastguard.

Education – because teachers and support staff need fun and games too.

Carers and social workers – we support your support.

Military – we salute you.

Other – games are more interesting the more agency you have; perhaps forms are too. Pick this if you need concession pricing for some reason – maybe you’re broke because you are starting up a small immersive games company or something! We'll probably email you to find out what Other is so we can consider adding it to the dropdown.

With all concession choices, please bring some proof/ID with you to the game.



We also have:

Pay-What-You-Can Tickets - We want to make games for everyone, so we have a limited allocation of PWYC tickets for some of our games. Look for the green Community badge on the ticket list. 


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