Spy Training: The Intercept

The hardest mission in Undercover London is the intercept. You'll be given a photo of your target and some coordinates. Find them, follow them, wait for them to make a drop off, and then steal it. Obviously, don't get made - or you may find yourself collecting a decoy.

Since November, 1429 intercepts have been attempted, and 275 of them have been successful. If you can pull this off, you're well on the way to enrolment in BI(RD).

Ingenuity, creativity, and your own personal style of spycraft count for a great deal, particularly in this hardest of missions, but here are some suggestions from our senior spies:

* Look different. Even if your target is not aware that you have been assigned to intercept them, if they have seen you before, they will be suspicious. Change your appearance often, especially if you encountered your target at an earlier Rendezvous.

* Split up. If you're operating in a pair, you can observe twice as much territory. Be aware, though, that solo loiterers tend to draw more attention than pairs.

* Watch for diversions. A strong Dropoff tactic is to have one half of the team pretend to drop fake documents, drawing the Intercept away. 

* Don't rush it. A confirmed visual on your target is exciting, but keep your cool, and don't move in on the package until they're well clear.

Think you can beat the odds and pull off an Intercept? We're waiting for you

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