Always Watching: Celebrating 1000 New Recruits

London is full of spies.

We started running Undercover, our real-world spy game, last November, and since then we've had more than 1000 players!

In this image, we blow all of their cover, at once. This montage is made up of the recruitment photos taken at your first rendezvous.

Not that we expect that this will cause any difficulty. The heart of good spy work, and strong Undercover play, is disguise. We've had people switch jackets, switch wigs, stash an entirely new outfit in a locker nearby before the game, and even shave (!). So while you might spot an agent in that image, you're unlikely to spot them in the field.

Or perhaps you can. If you'd like to find out if you have what it takes to be a covert operative, Undercover runs every weekend in Leicester Square - get your tickets here


A high-resolution image for analysis is available here


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