Test Fire - Speaker's Guide

If you're speaking at Test Fire, here's what you need to know:

  • Test Fire is broadly about real-world games, with a particular focus on high-energy, exciting experiences. Read more on the Fire Hazard site.

  • It's a very informal, interactive format. The main goal of the talks is to act as a starting point for the discussion that comes afterwards. Usually you'd expect to speak for about ten minutes, then 10-30 minutes of a mix of Q&A (everyone talking to you) and open discussion (everyone talking to everyone, you chairing).

  • There'll be about 20-30 people there, mostly game designers of various backgrounds but also some interested players.

  • Tech-wise, we don't use a microphone because it's small and quiet enough that we don't need one. If you need to show pictures/videos, email me a Keynote (or similar) file in advance and I'll load it into my laptop, which will be plugged into a projector. We have a wireless presenter dongle for previous slide/next slide. I'm quite keen on presentations that don't do Death By Powerpoint, so if you want to pass things around (small group, remember) or draw on a flipchart or open fire on the audience with a Nerf gun or generally do things other than show slides, that's excellent. Let me know what you need.

  • Send me some kind of speaker bio / twitter links / brief description of what you're talking about, so I can introduce you. Earlier is better - I'll put you up on the website.

  • We don't film talks, so you'll have to just be memorable.

  • Running order is usually Talk / Q&A, Playtest, Break, Talk / Q&A, Playtest. The timing can vary a bit due to the varying length of the discussion, but usually we run for about 2-3 hours all up. If you have particular timing requirements, let me know.

  • Questions? Email me: fire@fire-hazard.net.

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