City of Energy!

So, we just got called out by one of Australia's largest news organisations as "the Fringe show guaranteed to make the audience leave".

But it's all good. I was hoping that would happen.

We've run high-energy adventures in London for years - everything from chase games to zombie shootouts to warehouse break ins. What started as a bunch of mates sneaking up on each other in the forest turned into a game format that - yes - guarantees that players will leave the building and run screaming around the city.

Still, I was pretty nervous about this experiment. Would we be able to translate a game from anything-goes, action-packed London to a smaller city of laid-back Aussies? I really didn't know.

But we got mobbed. We emailed a few friends, put the events up on Facebook, and sold out two games before we even landed. There's something about this place. Perhaps it's the same energy that drives the non-stop stream of runners, cyclists, swimmers, dog-walkers and cricket-players I can see out the window in Brighton.

We ran the first event yesterday and, despite 40-degree heat, it was a total hit. To some extent it is a different game. It seems that Adelaideans almost always arrive as groups of four mates, rather than forming scratch teams. We made the guards slower but the clues harder. Water points are now safe zones. And instead of crowding into a cosy pub for a pint after the game, we all had ice creams in a bright, air-conditioned cafe. Adelaide imposes its own style.

This is already enough to guarantee that we'll be back next year. But I'm thinking bigger: I want this to be a regular event, like we do in London. There's so much enthusiasm around these kinds of high-energy adventures that there's no reason to compress all the year's fun into February and March. So we've started assembling a local team - there's stacks more events to run.

Thanks, Adelaide! Let's make some adventures happen!

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